I'm Taylor, and I'm the blogger, recipe developer, photographer and general mess maker behind the blog “Food Faith Fitness.” My blog aims to show that eating healthfully does not have to break the bank or equal bland and boring! It can be easy to make and totally delicious. I fully believe in living a balanced, whole life so Food Faith Fitness also focuses on fitness/nutrition tips and working on keeping Christ at the center of daily life. However, I also believes that moderation is key, so sometimes it’s ok to just go and eat a cookie!

Prior to starting my blog in the Spring of 2013, I had never picked up a "big girl" camera before. After much research, and constant practice, I absolutely fell in love with food photography and styling. It's one of my favorite parts of being a food blogger. I love playing with different colors, textures, lighting etc. to see exactly how I can make food look mouth-watering and beautiful at the same time. It's all about taking the shot that makes you scream "I want to EAT THAT!"  This website is a place for me to showcase my food photography, in a space that is separate from my blog.

When I'm isn’t blogging or messing up my kitchen, I lead a pretty simple life. Places that you could find me include: the gym, Bible study or just snuggling up on the couch with my husband and dog, watching The Food Network (Chopped in particular.) I also has not-so-secret obsession with all things peanut butter, cookie dough (even better if they are together!) pink and leopard print.